About the Project

The Epic of Digital Time by Virtigo.


In the vast landscape of watchmaking, one company stands out for its relentless quest for innovation and its commitment to the digital age. Virtigo, a digital watch company, embodies this exciting adventure in the world of watches, where time becomes an unprecedented technological experience.

The Virtigo story is an epic tale of the fusion of art and technology, innovation and elegance. Each Virtigo watch embodies the soul of a company that continues to redefine the concept of time. In every dial, every pixel, every feature lies the promise of a future where time is much more than a simple measurement. Virtigo ushers in a new era of watchmaking, where past and future meet, creating an unforgettable temporal experience for all who wear its creations.


As for the design, I started from the idea that Virtigo has its own vision, namely a fusion between a watchmaking era and the innovation of tomorrow. That's why I created the dial of a mechanical watch for the watchmaking world, while adding an orange notch to demonstrate the brand's relevance in a new digital world.

As for the typography, once again we chose an assertive, contemporary typeface to set the brand apart from its competitors. This logo stands out for its elegance and originality, and remains identifiable in all circumstances, whether in small or large format.

Business Car Virtigo

Mockup poster

Mockup macbook
Mockup sign

Mockup Iphone

In every dial, every pixel, every feature, lies the promise of a future where time is more than just a measure.